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Paul Montague

Director, Business Development & Sales

33 years experience in the manufacture and marketing of line pipe, fittings, flanges and valves. Extensive knowledge of corrosion resistant alloys and their applications, and the manufacture of CRA piping products with a strong emphasis on new and innovative approaches to manufacture, inclusive of testing and validation methods.

Founder of Cladtek, and developer of the Company’s patented Mechanically Lined Pipe manufacturing process. Author of a number of technical papers related to CRA pipelines.

Ryan Chu


An accounting and finance professional and CPA with over 18 years experience in the finance sector, including 9 years with one of the “big four” accounting firms, and extensive international, commercial, and executive management experience.

Strong background in business management and sound experience of business processes and practices relevant to global manufacturing in the oil and gas industry.

Craig Duncan

General Manager, Indonesia

Craig serves an extensive background in weld overlay, fabrication and welding in the oil and gas Industry spanning over 17 years. Craig’s skillset and background is largely towards Project & Production execution with strong all round knowledge and practical experience of shop floor operations.

Craig’s plan is taking Batam operations to the next level, striving towards plant automations, process improvements and technology adoption. With the aim to ensure optimum process standardization is implemented across the group and Cladtek remaining as the the leading company globally in the market for CRA products.

Laurent Gerarts

General Manager, Brazil

An MBA graduate with over 18 years working experience, including 13 years in the Brazilian oil and gas market. A highly capable manager with a proven track record in establishing and growing businesses and business relationships, and strategy.

Strong background in the fields of piping, CRA, and induction bending, and in the US, European and South American markets.

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Steven Goodier

Regional Manager, Saudi Arabia

Steven is from a Mechanical Engineering background with an array of multinational oil and gas and construction experience spanning over 10 years. Steven possesses robust operations management skills, business development proficiency, technical knowledge and strong financial acumen. 

Steven has a detailed expansion plan for Cladtek Arabia and is committed to delivering additional CRA cladding capacity In Kingdom and introducing MLP into the market in a safe, quality-centric manner. Steven prioritises domestic value creation in line with the IKTVA program and upskilling a majority Saudi workforce.

Sriram Sarangapani

General Manager, UAE

An engineer and management studies graduate with over 26 years experience in the oil and gas industry, and 21 years experience in the specialist area of corrosion resistant alloy products and services.

Strong technical expertise in all methods of CRA products manufacture and CRA applications including mechanically lined and weld overlay pipe, subsea flowlines, pipelines and risers, plus topsides and onshore process piping, vessels and equipment.