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Mechanically Lined Pipe

AA-IMG_3692_for_webCladtek’s patented process for manufacture of CRA mechanically lined pipe is one of the reasons Cladtek is at the forefront of progress in CRA mechanically lined pipe technology.

Cladtek can produce liners in a variety of materials including Alloy 625, Alloy 825 and 316L. Cladtek has developed its own bend testing facility for proving performance of the lined pipe during installation, whether by traditional S Lay or by reeled methods, and in operational cases such as for lateral buckling.

Cladtek mechanically lined pipe is unique in that after insertion and expansion of the liner, the liner is trimmed back at the pipe ends and finished with a 2 layer Hot Wire GTAW weld overlay. This innovation makes installation time, particularly important offshore, considerably faster and therefore more cost effective.

Cladtek’s unique process operates in the elastic range of the carbon steel outer pipe without altering dimensions or mechanical properties – suitable for SMLs, SAW, ERW using HFI/HFW pipe to DNV-OS-F101.

Cladtek lined pipe solutions can be made to suit a wide range of applications and offer our customers significant cost benefit compared to metclad pipe. Lined pipe is also significantly faster to produce. Cladtek can manufacture CRA lined pipe in sizes ranging from 4” to 26” with current production facilities, and our production technology has been tested up to 42”. Cladtek has also manufactured the largest diameter MLP installed worldwide, being 24″ for a subsea project in Africa for one of the world’s global oil companies.

We believe mechanically lined pipe is the way of the future for CRA flowlines. In support this, Cladtek has recently invested in installing MLP manufacturing capability at its Brazil plant co complement the existing capacity in Batam.

mlpimg MLP Manufacture at Cladtek Batam