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Testing and Simulation Services


Cladtek offers a range of testing and simulation services as an independent provider to industry.

Exploration and Production companies, Engineering Consultants, and Installation Contractors have access to advanced software and modelling to simulate installation and operating conditions for pipelines. But often physical simulation testing is required to support the modelling especially for the more extreme design cases.

At Cladtek, we have two and four point bend testing equipment to simulate pipeline response for various grades and sizes of pipe for various design cases such as:
•    Lateral buckling
•    Installation by reel lay (including formers to suit common carousel diameters)
•    Installation by S-lay and J-Lay
•    Fatigue loading under thermal cycling

Our testing capability includes performing testing at various temperatures, under pressurised conditions and with the pipeline under tension, compression and or lateral loads.

In addition to testing uncoated carbon steel, CRA clad or lined, and alloy steel pipe, we can also simulate conditions for pipe coated with corrosion protective coatings (internal and external) and concrete weight coating.

Additionally, and as further commitment to our support of the industry, Cladtek is currently installing a Resonance Fatigue Testing capability. Expected to be available in 2H 2016, this equipment will allow high frequency, high cycle testing, particularly relevant to pipelines operating in dynamic services such as dynamic risers for deep water applications.